LOCKERS – Designblok 2022

Designblok installation

The Lockers exhibition space was located on the second floor of the Gabriel Loci building, where the art and design show called Designblok was taking place. The rooms are tiled in light blue Rako tiles up to about 2m high, the floor is original dark linoleum, the ceilings are beamed in white and the other surfaces are a combination of white and ivory. The main protagonists of our scenic moment are then the "divine icon" in the form of the Lockers cabinet, coated in gold leaf, black dwarfs, as a paraphrase of the human need for faith in a higher power, but at the same time a hidden fear of the unknown and the new. The scale of the dwarves also succeeded in incorporating the tiles themselves into our "frozen moment", which, thanks to the numerical markings, become the lockers themselves and, together with the scale of the dwarves, take the golden icon in the form of Lockers to an entirely different, larger-than-life scale and pesrpective. The visitor thus finds themselves in a dramatic scene in which the dwarves move through the metallic world of the Lockers, completely subservient to them, but most entranced by the golden Box, emerging from the mountain in mist and light. They try to get at least a piece of this deity, they try to tame it, to possess it, but at the same time they feel fear of something that is too perfect for their mediocre lives. What emerges is an epic spectacle where a new, aesthetic and spiritual dimension is added to the everyday routine, breaking down stereotypes and habits.

Total area / 80m2
Cost / 60.000 Kč
Project / instalace produktu
Client / LOCKERS
Year / 2022
Collaboration / Mga. Jitka Šemberová