USSPA – Dolní Dobrouč interior

Exterior and interior of the USSPA company

Our next project in the field of architecture is in Dolní Dobrouč and it is an extension of the administrative building of the USSPA company. The extension of the existing offices with meeting rooms, lounge area and employee environment created a new mass on the object of the existing production hall. It is constructed with a so-called "sawtooth roof" and the panels are covered with polycarbonate + glass. Thanks to this, there is plenty of daylight in the interior and the whole gives an airy impression. To promote absolute contrast with the existing buildings and the focus of the company, we opted for a light grey colour and perforated sheets, which give the new masses an almost ethereal character. The second phase of the project involved increasing the size of the owners' office, where two large-format windows were added. We also enlarged and raised the existing entrance to the building.

Total area / 463 m2
cost / 9.000.000 Kč
project / Interior of the USSPA company
client/ USSPA
year / 2021-2022