Showroom interior

The showroom's main theme revolves around highlighting the significance of water, not only for Sanswiss products (showers) but for life on Earth as a whole. Water is depicted as more than just a hygiene tool; it becomes a life-giving essence. The centerpiece of the showroom is a glass atrium adorned with vibrant greenery. This living element serves as a prominent feature within an otherwise open and white space. Surrounding the atrium, shower cubicles are arranged in a rectangular zig-zag corner system, avoiding the conventional presentation cubicle clichés. This layout allows for a spacious and uncluttered environment, ensuring clear visibility and legibility of the showcased products. A key aspect of this space is the direct visual connection to the production hall through a large window. Visitors can peer directly into the areas where the exhibited products are manufactured, establishing a strong connection between the showroom and the production process. Complementing the showroom are additional areas, including a kitchen space for social events and presentations, a spacious meeting room, and an entrance lobby equipped with a cloakroom. These areas are designed in a contrasting black color scheme. The meeting room features a simple yet effective concept, incorporating digital luminous numbers that can display the current time, date, or year as needed. This addition enhances the functionality and modern aesthetic of the space. Overall, the showroom creates an immersive and visually striking environment that highlights the vital role of water while maintaining a sleek and contemporary design.

Total Area / 360m2
Cost / 11.000.000 Kč
Project / Showroom interior
Client / RIM CZ
Year / 2020