Showroom interior

One of our realizations is the interior of a showroom with luminaires with the characteristic name Šajn. The biggest challenge for us was to solve the presentation of more than a hundred lighting fixtures in a small space, so that the products do not compete with each other and the remaining area could be used for a workplace, background, kitchen, meeting room and workshop. We left the existing space unchanged and wove in an atypical landmark mass that is a display for the luminaires. Individual cubicles around the perimeter separate them from each other and offer flexibility within the installation. This birch plywood object transitions from cold to warm hues, indirectly evoking the range of thermodynamics of light. Inside the whole mass then hides a storage space, a meeting room and a workshop.

total area / 250m2
cost / 2.900.000 Kč
project / interiéry showroomu
client / EMAS
year / 2021