BROKIS – Euroluce 2023

Exhibition stand at Euroluce 2023

For the lighting manufacturer Brokis, we designed an exhibition stand at Euroluce 2023 in Milan, based on the application of textile curtains, using their natural softness, draping or acoustic properties. The aim for us was to create an abstract oasis of relaxation, in the hectic and intense atmosphere of the Fiera. Key to the design of the entire stand was the presentation of the many different ranges of lighting fixtures, and the position within Hall 11. We decided to use an open layout that better communicates the content towards the visitors and is as transparent as possible. At the same time, it was necessary to visually separate the different collections from each other. This resulted in three layered solid hanging tubes, the bottom line of which is diagonally cut. The inner tube slowly moved along its trajectory, thus smoothly changing the geometry of the entire shell. In these tubes, we placed padded seating underneath the collections of lamps so that visitors could view the chandeliers above them in peace and, if necessary, let their feet rest during the tour. We then evenly spaced atypical sample counters and informal seating for business meetings within the open layout. Their design is based on the design of the Brokis glass coffee tables - this is so that there are not too many unnecessarily different elements in one exhibition area and the focus can remain on the products on display. Behind the perimeter curtain is the back of the stand with storage and additional meeting space on the upper built-in floor. In terms of colour, a combination of soft earth tones, grey and white was chosen, which perfectly completed the overall cosy atmosphere of the stand of this successful brand.

TOTAL AREA / 280m2
COST / 4.900.000 Kč
PROJECT / BROKIS exhibition stand
Client / BROKIS
Year / 2023