Excursion route

For the Czech-Austrian brand Sonnentor, engaged in the production of teas and spices in organic quality, we designed an experiential excursion route describing the complex course of processing, from the growth of the plant itself to the final packaging and distribution. The key idea was to create an organic interior that uses artistic principles to form a true experiential architecture. There are clay plasters, atypical solutions in the form of layering transporting paper bags for herbs, a sculpture made of tea boxes, concrete squeegees with prints of herbs from the garden of St. Hildegard in Čejkovice, or a ceiling made up of waving tea bags, the number of which used is an incredible 20,000. Throughout the entire tour, visitors are able to look continuously into the production through round windows. They can thus clearly connect the information they have acquired with real production. We have also thought of the little ones on the route and so the round holes are positioned at different heights to guarantee visibility for children.

TOTAL AREA / 550m2
COST / 14.500.000 CZK
PROJECT / Excursion route of SONNENTOR
YEAR / 2023