USSPA – Dolní Dobrouč exterior

Exteriéry a interiéry sídla firmy USSPA

After three years of preparation and construction work, we have another project completed. With the completion of the administrative part of the USSPA headquarters in Dolní Dobrouč and a new facade on the production building, we have managed to unify the original disparate buildings both materially and stylistically. The interior and part of the existing layout have also been transformed. The aim was not only to expand the office space, but mainly to create a representative environment in the original building, which was becoming insufficient both spatially and visually. The extension on the roof of the production hall is designed with a so-called "sawtooth roof", referring to the industrial character of the building. A new terrace for employees has also been created.

total area / 562m2
cost / 15.000.000 Kč
project / exterior of USSPA headquarters
client / USSPA
year / 2021-2022