Jaromír Popek, co-founder of Independent Catamaran, approached us with a clear brief: "I need a catamaran design that is foldable and allows the top deck roof to be opened". The IC36 design proposal builds on the chassis and original concept of Tomáš Jonáš Janda. It is the first ever catamaran, in its category, that is designed to be assembled and disassembled for challenging and lengthy repositioning of the boat. The entire boat, when folded, fits on a special trailer behind a car or in a twelve-metre cargo container. In good weather, it is then possible to easily dismantle part of the roof and fully enjoy the fresh sea air. The IC36 is a sort of hybrid between a classic cruiser and a sports boat. It offers the comfort of the classic and the agility and speed of the sports boat. The design of the boat, including the interior, is created with this hybrid concept in mind. It is calm, elegant and aggressive at the same time. Since her first launch, at the Cannes Yachting Festival, she has already received two nominations for Newcomer of the Year in the Multihull category.

Collaboration / Tomáš Jonáš Janda, Jaromír Popek

project / Foldable catamaran

client / Indipendent Catamaran

year / 2021