ensemble of pendant lights

The Planets collection is a stellar lineup of pendant lights that pays homage to historical lamp designs while catering to the practical needs of both end users and design aficionados. Its ingenious flexibility, inspired by the timeless laws of physics, unleashes a celestial dance of light within any space, extending far beyond mere installation. Through a brilliant interplay of weights and pulleys, these luminous orbs can effortlessly ascend or descend, granting you the power to curate their heights with ease. The result? A mesmerizing galaxy of individual illuminators, capable of commanding attention as standalone fixtures or harmoniously clustering together in diverse shapes and sizes. Meticulously balanced counterweights ensure smooth operation and a delightful user experience. Embracing a minimalist aesthetic, the collection dazzles with monochromatic shades, frosted glass, and metallic elements, all artfully intertwined with textile cables. These ethereal lampshades, reminiscent of elemental geometric forms—spheres, cones, and capsules—cast a spellbinding aura, leaving a lasting impression on your design cosmos.