Urban furniture collection

The Reforma collection is based on a redesign of the modern bench archetype in the form of concrete legs and a wooden seat. Our aim was to elevate the iconic form of the park bench and give it a more contemporary expression. Thus the Reforma collection was created, based on organically softly shaped concrete legs and contrasting wooden slats forming the seat and backrest. The series includes classic straight benches with a full or split backrest, or a version without a backrest at all. The version without backrest is also represented in the form of modular elements that can be assembled in long rows, in an arc or circle, also can be installed on a wall. Solid concrete bases in two shades are connected by wooden slats made of hardwood or thermally modified wood. All supporting steel elements are galvanized, powder coated, or made of stainless steel. The bench can be anchored into the surface.

PROJECT / Urban furniture collection
CLIENT / mmcité
YEAR / 2021

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