Multi-functional bowls

"Close your eyes and imagine a drop of morning dew slowly falling into the clear, calm surface of the water. At that very moment, the surface expands and the drop becomes part of it... These concentric circles were an inspiration for us because we wanted to capture this misty moment permanently." The wooden bowls reflect several usage positions. It is not just an ordinary bowl or an art object. These bowls also combine the function of a cutting board or a storage plate. Thanks to the raised central plate, the user can clearly separate the different types of products from each other. At the same time, it can be used as a preparation or cutting surface. This makes it a multifunctional object that does not blindly stick to the principles of multi-functionality, but responds to the everyday use and needs of today's users. Today, objects of this type are very often used unilaterally. We wanted to make the bowl more practical. From a conventional use, to adding a function of raised space, to a purely aesthetic form that predestines the product to be used as decoration, whether empty or full.

YEAR / 2022